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Inevitable Mr R.

Jan. 09, 2022 .3 min read

When people hear about this “guy,” they suddenly begin to think of marriage, and that word is what some people will give anything to postpone till later date. But is that what “he” is all about??? No! As important as marriage is, it is one of the several facets of Mr R. But, why does it look like that “guy” called Mr R. stalks every man and says, “You can’t do without me ooo.”

Well, as much as Mr R. stalks us is as much as there is an innate desire for “him,” even when we frantically try to suppress it. Seems you are sure of who Mr R. is, isn’t it? We’re like “I like being alone” one minute, and the next, we’re on social media looking up people. One minute you’re like “I don’t need anybody”, the next you’re feeling lonely and blaming people for not checking up on you. You can relate yeahhhh…

luwadlin bosman lcwmq67same unsplash

One thing life revolves around is RELATIONSHIP. You meet people, people meet you; church, mosque, hall, streets, everywhere, home, and abroad. However, different people enjoy different dividends from this inevitable guy based on how we choose to perceive and relate with him. He determines how far we go in our walk with God, family, career, business, finance, etc.

“Excuse me, did you say, “Relate with him.” How do I relate with Relationship “himself”?” Yes oooo…The first step to enjoying great dividends from Mr R. is to be deliberate about relating with “him.” We must consciously take “him” seriously, and be ready to give all it takes to see that the union is pleasurable. Asides from being deliberate, you can’t do Relationship if you’re still all consumed in yourself. If you’re such that is all out about only what you can get from whoever and whatever, then Mr R will continually be in your bad books. Why? You get what you give!

What can you offer? How much do you really care? Is it all about the project/profit or do you care about the person(s) involved? What was in your heart when you met that man/woman? Are your values different or the same? How did you handle the brother or sister that had divergent views from yours? Do you really have friends or do you assume your acquaintances are your friends? Is that relationship yielding bad or good fruits? Do you give up old for new friends or do you keep both? Above all, does God have a say in how you relate with any and everyone that comes your way???

An important thing you must do this new year: Be Intentional about your Relationships!!!

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