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It is Getting too Long...

Mar. 28, 2022 .4 min read

Somehow, the time has earned its space among the untouchable quantities of life. Almost everyone will love to see a technology that makes buying or selling of time possible, or that helps to stop, reduce, and increase the speed of time. Despite the rapid technological advancement, it doesn’t look like something in view yet. A particular season comes in a man’s life when he seriously wishes to pass away in the blink of an eye. Such is typical of getting into the right relationship that leads to marriage. The present-day society and social media platforms continue to make this season more difficult than it already is.

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One day you’re battling with constant nagging from parents/friends, the next you’re dealing with dissatisfaction after viewing several “love” pictures, quotes, and videos on Facebook or Instagram. It is at this point you been to feel the garment of inadequacy or loneliness on you, whether you’re male or female. I need to strongly emphasize that this is where you need to take extra care of your mental health so you do not take rash decisions that you will regret for life.

The first thing to do is to be sure that you know what marriage was created for. Yes, you should think about marriage every time you consider a relationship. What else should you be in a relationship for; Sex, Procreation, Companionship, Money, or what? No wise man dives into a sea that he is uncertain of its depths. Whoever does that would have written his will. No reason is right for entering a relationship except for the purpose of getting married. And marriage goes beyond the glamour of bridal shower, bachelor’s eve, bridal train, groom’s men, million-dollar cake, diamond rings, serve-yourself reception, and wedding night. Marriage is not a concept that just came up over the years; it was created right at the beginning of mankind.

What do you know about marriage? Who are the parties involved? How long should it last? What are the things that will sustain it for the right length of time? What are the things to look out for when setting up this sensitive yet beautiful institution? Searching for answers to these questions will not only calm your nerves, but they will also help you navigate through the nagging of friends/family, completely neglect the “oppressions” from the media, and more importantly, they will help you to know and take the right step towards it.

Though the time seems to be getting longer, focus on answering these questions. It is better to remain at the bank of a river than jump in and start crying about being cold. Use the time you have now to thoroughly prepare for that time you’re looking at. Improve yourself. Define your career path. Deal with your emotional issues. Meet people and learn from them. Do whatever your hands find to do well. Increase your worth. More than ever before, seek God. You don’t want to wait till confusion sets in. Don’t play hard-to-get but don’t be the mango fruit that refuses to stay on the tree till it is plucked; it may just get eaten up by ants/rodents.

Time is how you use it! Stop wasting time by wallowing in self-pity, or the words of other people. Arise and get going. Marriage is for two WHOLE people to come together to become one. In the end, the beauty of your relationship and ultimately, your marriage will reflect what you did with this waiting/preparatory time. GO TO WORK!

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