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A Peep into the Virtuous Woman described in Proverbs 31.

Dec. 03, 2020 .6 min read

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The introduction to the description of this lady we want to learn from is in verse 10.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10

Before we go ahead, please, read through the verse above again; you need to see something.

Did you notice that the question above is laced with despair? It sounds like “How possible is it to find a Virtuous Woman?” If this question was asked in the very primitive days before now, what do you think is happening now? A lot of things have increased the rate at which this question is asked daily by Fathers, Mothers, and Brothers.

Again, the question above reminds me of Proverbs 18:22- Whoso findeth a wife…

For a “finding” to occur, there must be a “searching”… And you don’t search for what is common or easily accessible or just within reach. So, the virtuous woman is one that is rare; can’t be found in every house or street. But, she exists!

A lot of ladies have gone and/or are going farther away from who the writer of this Proverb describes as a Virtuous Woman. Also, I need to remind you that whatever you’ll be tomorrow is a reflection of what you’re doing today. Thus, you need not waste time wishing that you, your sisters, friends, or daughters become virtuous women. You need to be deliberate about walking on the path of virtue that is summarized in the virtuous woman’s description.

The question is “Will you, your sisters, friends, or daughters pay the price required to fit into this excellent description of the virtuous woman?”

Going forward, the first thing to note about this virtuous woman we’re considering is that she is Virtuous. One major word that conveys the root meaning of the word “Virtuous” is strength. Yes, virtue is strength; to be virtuous is to be strong. For any lady to be called “Virtuous,” she must not lack strength, and this strength must be evident in four major areas of her life; Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Socially.

Time will not permit me to elaborate so much… But you’ll find every attribute of the Virtuous Woman in the 31st chapter of Proverbs fitting into one of these areas. Let’s move from the last area to the first area. The remaining part of this article will be largely questions; this is to give room for adequate and honest evaluation.

1. Social Strength is seen in your career/work and your relationship with people.

  • What can you do?
  • What are you willing to do?
  • What’s your plan for life?
  • Can men depend on you at home, work, or neighborhood?
  • Are you a sheep or a wolf?
  • What role do you presently play in your family?
  • Do you look only to your own things or you also look to the things of others?

2. Mental Strength has to do with your emotions, will, and intellect.

  • How often do you read and learn something new?
  • Are you growing in wisdom?
  • Are you controlled by your emotions or your emotions control you?
  • Do you make decisions yourself or you follow the crowd?
  • What influences your choices?
  • How much time do you give to meditation and critical thinking?
  • What determines your self-worth?
  • Can we trust you to give ideas that will cause a positive revolution in your school, career line, and family?
  • How well have you kept to your goals for the year?

3. Physical Strength is dependent on the attention you give to your body. You can’t neglect your body and expect to live well.

  • How often do you take care of your body?
  • What do you eat regularly?
  • Can we trust you to plan a balanced meal for the family?
  • Do you pay attention to the cleanliness of your clothing and surroundings?
  • What message does your dressing give to a stranger; royalty or poverty?
  • How often do you exercise your body parts?
  • Are you always giving excuses for work at home, school, or other gatherings?
  • Are you fit for your daily activities?
  • How long can you stay without sleeping?

4. Spiritual Strength is the most important and determines how much strength a virtuous woman has in other aspects of her life. No matter how much strength we gather in the other aspects, the absence of this makes all other strengths worthless.

Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30

Favor in the verse above depicts kindness; actions that we do to people in a bid to show kindness or love. This (favor) and beauty are external things that easily deceive people about who a lady really is. Morals or acts of kindness are nothing if they’re not flowing from the righteousness of Christ in us and the real beauty is that of the hidden man of the heart; the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. I Peter 3:4. These affirm the truth that the core value of the virtuous woman is the fear of the Lord.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge… (Proverbs 1:7) and to fear the Lord is to depart from evil… (Proverbs 3:7; 16:6)

  • Do you know God?
  • Does God know you?
  • Do you fear Him?
  • How has been communion with Him?
  • Can you distinguish His voice from other voices?
  • How often do you carry the cross daily?
  • How often do you deny Him in your actions?
  • Can you trust God with your life?

If you’re having difficulty answering these questions, you’re beginning to eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27. God did not create you to be less of the picture we have seen in the virtuous woman. Stop following the pictures painted all around; follow God’s picture of you, and be obedient as He leads you to become who He created you to be.

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