You and the Holy Spirit

Aug. 19, 2023 .6 min read

Who is the Holy Spirit? We can safely conclude that whoever will live as Jesus did must receive the Holy Spirit.

With Joy...

Aug. 19, 2023 .3 min read

A lot of things go wrong when we allow our joy to be tampered with. What can tamper with our joy? What causes our joy to wither?

The Wisdom of Seeking Counsel: Navigating Life's Journey with Prudence

Jul. 21, 2023 .4 min read

In a society that often glorifies individualism, it is essential to recognise the inherent value of seeking wise counsel.

The Paths of Righteousness. Psalm 23:3

Jul. 20, 2023 .4 min read

1. Our initial soul configuration was lost when Adam fell... but we got the key to full restoration when we got born again.

Deborah: An Inspiring Example of Courage and Leadership for Women Today

Jun. 29, 2023 .3 min read

Let us draw inspiration from Deborah's life so that we can navigate the complexities of our own journeys with grace and confidence.

Nurturing Godly Relationships in the Nuclear Family: Insights from Proverbs 31

Jun. 29, 2023 .4 min read

How do we nurture Godly relationships in the immediate family that will lay a significant foundation for building a thriving and harmonious home?

Taking Responsibility for Personal Growth

Apr. 24, 2023 .3 min read

The journey towards perfection is a never-ending one, and it requires us to be willing to confront our flaws and weaknesses.

From Infancy to Maturity.

Apr. 14, 2023 .3 min read

God, just like every other parent, keeps looking out for me, giving me the needed nutrients and attention all in a bid to see me grow.

The Place of the Word (II)

Apr. 14, 2023 .3 min read

You're responsible for whatever outcome your life gives. And you can't carry out that responsibility without rightly appropriating and enforcing the Words of God; in your heart first, then in your mouth and actions.

The Place of the Word (I)

Apr. 08, 2023 .3 min read

o, how do we get to do these things right, living life to the fullest, overcoming challenges, etc.? We MUST engage the Word of God.


Jan. 09, 2023 .5 min read

Why should I be pure? Not only sexually, why should I be pure in any area at all?

It's 2023!

Jan. 04, 2023 .3 min read

We all have the same number of hours each day but the quality of life we will lead is directly proportional to the value we place on each time we get when we arise in the morning.


Sep. 14, 2022 .6 min read

Everyone will go through several periods of waiting but what you do during the period will tell if your waiting was not a waste.

Who are You???

Aug. 18, 2022 .5 min read

It is what you do and say day-in-day-out that sums up your character which is an overview of who you are.

What to do when we err...

Aug. 10, 2022 .4 min read

Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound, God forbid! But what should be our response when we err...

Sex: Everyone is doing it, why shouldn’t I join them?

Aug. 03, 2022 .5 min read

Sex is Sex! Whether done by self, including others, in the room, on the roof top, at a young or old age, nothing changes. It is beyond just the activity and time, it runs deep. Really enjoyable now but comes with great consequences sooner or later.

Social Media: Can I live without it?

Jul. 29, 2022 .4 min read

Looking at these times we are in, should anyone really live without social media???

Handling Conflicts in Relationships

Apr. 16, 2022 .4 min read

This will help you accurately analyse conflicts and use them to make your bond stronger.

What to do when love happens before all the boxes are checked.

Apr. 14, 2022 .4 min read

What do I do when I love a man but he doesn't meet all my requirements? Or I just met a lady who doesn't have all I want, and I'm falling for her already?

It is Getting too Long...

Mar. 28, 2022 .4 min read

What do you do when the right man or woman isn't showing up? How do you keep living when almost all around you seem to be ringing the wedding bells?

Be Still...

Feb. 18, 2022 .2 min read

How do we cease from sinking in the surrounding storm and look to Jesus, the Author, and Finisher?

I just want to live a Normal life...

Feb. 17, 2022 .4 min read

Have you just got a very demanding job? Are you beginning to recite the line, "Let this cup pass over me..."? If any of the above describes you, you're not alone.

When Mr R. becomes TOXIC...

Jan. 17, 2022 .3 min read

A toxic relationship is usually very glaring, only that we decide to excuse the label away or assume that we will be immune to its effects.

Inevitable Mr R.

Jan. 09, 2022 .3 min read

One thing life revolves around is RELATIONSHIP. You meet people, people meet you...

Actitude VS Heartitude

Jun. 29, 2021 .2 min read

What do men perceive of you? Does their perception match your reality?

Time Reveals...

Apr. 22, 2021 .1 min read

The revelation of time...

Choose Your Battles!

Jan. 15, 2021 .4 min read

Can you imagine filling your stomach with cake and yogurt only to realize that they were appetizers for the real meal, Jollof rice and chicken with salad? That's a picture of dispensing the needed energy in something that is less important and beneficial.

Discerning Rightly

Jan. 13, 2021 .3 min read

Every encounter with a person or situation presents us with an opportunity to choose between two responses. These two responses flow from two basic types of evaluation, face-value or intrinsic. Both are important but should not exist separately.


Jan. 13, 2021 .3 min read

"Procrastination," according to Edward Young, "is the thief of time." What exactly did procrastination do that made him accuse it of stealing, and not just petty stealing, but that of time?

Choice, oh Choice!

Jan. 13, 2021 .2 min read

Decisions have to be made and steps taken! No man can stand still in life and avoid choices. The very decision to avoid choices and standstill is a choice in itself.

A Peep into the Virtuous Woman described in Proverbs 31.

Dec. 03, 2020 .6 min read

God did not create you to be less of the picture we have seen in the virtuous woman. Stop following the pictures painted all around; follow God's picture of you, and be obedient as He leads you to become who He created you to be.

Having a Form of Godliness? (2)

Nov. 26, 2020 .6 min read

The truth remains the truth; there’s no “maybe” in God and His Kingdom. And yes, the greatest victim of deception is “myself.”

Having a Form of Godliness? (1)

Nov. 24, 2020 .3 min read

It’s usual for other people to have an incorrect view of a person, but should an individual also have an incorrect view of himself?

Becoming a Prey???

Oct. 30, 2020 .4 min read

Becoming a prey is a cumulative of consistent failure to watch and pray and build godly networks.

The New Creation

Oct. 13, 2020 .8 min read

The New Creation is any man/woman, boy/girl, white/black, that has acknowledged and confessed Jesus as His Lord and believed in His heart that God raised Him from the dead.

Our Work for God

Oct. 10, 2020 .5 min read

We can't claim to walk with someone, and not be willing to do anything for the person. In the same way, you can't claim to love God, walk with Him, and have nothing in your hands to do as an assignment.

Walking with God

Oct. 10, 2020 .2 min read

Walking with God is advancing in steps with Him. It starts from the point of salvation, (Rom. 10:9-10) and never stops until the end (whether corporate/personal) comes.

When the Righteous Flee... (1)

Aug. 19, 2020 .3 min read

One thing is too much for even the earth to bear, yes, two things shake its foundations: when the righteous flee when no one pursues, and the wicked are as bold as a lion.

Getting Intimate With God (4)

Aug. 06, 2020 .5 min read

There's a reason for your existence. There's a purpose for your knowing the Lord. There's a result that should flow out of your fellowship with God.

Getting Intimate With God (3)

Aug. 06, 2020 .3 min read

Right and consistent fellowship with God can't be overemphasized. It's our ticket to being transformed. It's our key to living pleasurable lives to God.

Getting Intimate With God (2)

Aug. 06, 2020 .3 min read

What is your fellowship with God like? It is beyond routinely muttering some words in the morning, or religiously going through a devotional.

Getting Intimate With God

Aug. 06, 2020 .4 min read

What next after coming to the point of salvation? It's time to build a relationship. It's time to know the One you've come to accept to be your Lord and Savior.

Stages of a Relationship

Aug. 06, 2020 .4 min read

There are two major stages of a relationship; The Acquaintance Stage and The Intimacy Stage.

Relationships that Define a Man

Aug. 06, 2020 .3 min read

Every man is defined by three relationships; relationship with God, relationship with self, and relationship with people. Each of these relationships tell a lot about who he/she is, what he/she does and who he/she is going to be.

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