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Sep. 14, 2022 .6 min read

Let’s lay some foundation…

To maximise something is to make full use of it. Everything on earth has a purpose, and to maximise it is to see that the purpose of that thing is realized and not thwarted in any way.

On to “Waiting”…

Waiting is the period between the present and the future, the distance between today and tomorrow, and the time between a promise and its fulfillment. (You should read that again!)

A wristwatch on a man's wrist.

Let’s go on to some basics on this waiting…l call them the Underlying Principles of Waiting.

  1. Everyone will go through several periods of waiting. Waiting is Certain! Ecclesiastes 3

  2. A person’s waiting is unique to him/her. No two waiting is the same with another person; even if the situation is similar. So, there’s no ground for comparison. Comparing ourselves with others makes us unwise. 2 Corinthians 10:12

  3. The result of any waiting is GROWTH and growth doesn’t happen if PATIENCE is neglected. This applies to every area. There is a lesson to learn during every waiting that will be needed in the next phase. Proverbs 23:18a, James 1:4

  4. Only God has an accurate definition of time(Psalm 90:4), yet, we can prolong our waiting by what we do or don’t do.

And finally,

  1. Waiting can only be maximised if lived by its currency, and the currency is FAITH. In simpler terms, Waiting will become Wasting if lived without Faith.

What is Faith to you? (Selah)

First, we need to settle the fact that faith is beyond just believing. Faith has two components: the mental component (BELIEF) and the physical component (ACTION). You can’t say you have faith when what you do is saying otherwise.

*But someone may well argue, “You say the way to God is by faith alone, plus nothing; well, I say that good works are important too, for without good works you can’t prove whether you have faith or not; but anyone can see that I have faith by the way I act.” Are there still some among you who hold that “only believing” is enough? Believing in one God? Well, remember that the demons believe this too—so strongly that they tremble in terror! Fool! When will you ever learn that “believing” is useless without doing what God wants you to? Faith that does not result in good deeds is not real faith.* James 2:18-20

In short, Belief + Action = Faith

So, what is this faith…what are we to believe and then act upon??? Hebrews 11 (please, take time to go through it carefully).

And how do I get this faith? Roman 10:17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

In short, faith comes by every word from God’s mouth whether via His words in the Bible or personal to you (Matthew 4:4). When last did you personally read your Bible? When last did you hear God give you an instruction or counsel? Even in your church services, do you hear God during the sermon? If your answer to any of this is a “No”, you’re beginning to move from waiting to wasting.

Let’s bring this closer home.

You’re wishing/praying for a man after God’s heart, but you’re far from that God. He is leading you to learn this or that but you’re busy focusing on fashion, work, or your outward appearance. He has been pushing your heart to dig deeper, discover your purpose, start acting it out and even learn more about what marriage is about, but what have you done? Faith!!! You can’t believe God will give a good spouse to you and fold your arms. He won’t give a man/woman after His heart to someone whose heart is somewhere else.

Federal universities in Nigeria have been on strike. How has your personal time been with God? What excuse do you still have? What has God been laying in your heart to learn but laziness or myopic thinking has stopped you from doing? Faith!!! You can’t desire to be settled in life and keep folding your hands during a strike that is more than six months already! You don’t seek a bright future by filling your days with sitting in front of a bright television.

Are you a waiting mother? How is your home currently? Have you healed from your hurts or you’re waiting for a child to pour it on? Have you started learning about parenting as God is teaching you to or you’re waiting till you give birth? Maybe God is even calling you to serve as a children/ teenagers teacher or to take care of someone’s child before yours come but what have you done? Faith!!! There are things to be done.

You’re waiting for a job but after one or two rejections, you have closed for the year. When last did you talk to God about it? Do you even have a direction or anything is fine? Has God been leading you to volunteer in a place for the meantime or to learn another skill or to even take a “lesser” job pending the time a better one shows up? Faith!!! You have to trust that He sees the bigger picture and obey.

Faith without works is dead and Waiting without Faith is Wasting!

The steps of good men are directed by the Lord. He delights in each step they take. If they fall, it isn’t fatal, for the Lord holds them with his hand. Psalm 37:23-24

How will your waiting not turn to waste???

  1. You must cultivate your relationship with God, especially in Reading His word, praying, and meditating. I Chronicles 16:11, Hebrews 10:22

  2. Consciously ask Him for instructions/ counsel on everything. Proverbs 3:5-6

  3. Obey promptly. John 2:5

To wrap this up…

Don’t be so engrossed in what should be or what you’re expecting that you fail to maximise this time. Let God lead you every step from now, patiently keep growing, and you’ll be surprised at who you’ll be and what you’ll have by the time the waiting is over! The impact of your waiting on you will determine the sustenance of what you are waiting for.

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