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Taking Responsibility for Personal Growth

Apr. 24, 2023 .3 min read

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Every man is a work in progress and hence, on the journey towards perfection. The journey towards perfection is a never-ending one, and it requires us to be willing to confront our flaws and weaknesses. These flaws can be revealed to us through various means - through God, self-discovery, or even through the observations and feedback of others.

However, when these flaws are brought to our attention, we are faced with a choice - how do we respond? There are typically three responses that people choose when confronted with their weaknesses or shortcomings.

The first response is to ignore the flaw completely and act as if we never heard or discovered anything. This can be a tempting response, as it allows us to avoid confronting our flaws and the discomfort that comes with them. However, this response ultimately stunts our personal growth and hinders our ability to reach our full potential.

The second response is to excuse the flaw or paint it as something beautiful. We often do this when we make statements such as “This is how we are in my family,” “It is my personality,” “That’s what my zodiac sign says,” or “I am a foodie” (when referring to someone who is being gluttonous). While it may be tempting to excuse our flaws or shortcomings in this way, it doesn’t help us grow or improve as individuals. Instead, it only serves to reinforce negative behaviours and thought patterns.

The third, best response is to take responsibility for our flaws and work towards being better. This response requires us to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that there is room for improvement. It may be uncomfortable and challenging to confront our flaws, but it is essential if we would continue growing and developing as individuals.

Taking responsibility for our flaws means actively seeking out ways to improve ourselves. It may involve seeking feedback from others, reading self-help books, attending therapy, or taking courses to learn new skills. The greatest self-discovery, however, comes from looking into the Law of liberty, which is the Word of God. Whatever the method, the key is to remain committed to personal growth and willing to put in the effort required to achieve it.

In conclusion, every man is a work in progress, and it’s vital to take responsibility for our flaws and weaknesses if we want to continue growing and developing as individuals. Ignoring our flaws or excusing them as something beautiful only hinders our personal growth, while taking responsibility for them allows us to work towards being better and becoming the best version of ourselves.

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