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I just want to live a Normal life...

Feb. 17, 2022 .4 min read

Are you on the verge of giving up? Do you often wish you could sleep, wake up, eat, and enjoy life without any form of stress? Are you more than willing to give anything just to shed some responsibilities on your neck? Do you get cold chills running through your body when you think of the assignments you have ahead? Are you a new mother? Have you just got a very demanding job? Are you beginning to recite the line, “Let this cup pass over me…“?

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If any of the above describes you, you’re not alone. Life can become such a handful that our heart begins to take the position of a prisoner ready to launch a prison break. This feeling(s) could stem from your life’s dreams, family, career, religious associations, etc. One thing though, life is worth living! (Read that again) So, you don’t want to end your life while you’re still living instead of searching out how to really live the life that you have.

First, there’s nothing like a “normal” life. What you see as “normal” also comes with its responsibilities, and you don’t wanna be found guilty. “But I see that person live without stress…” It’s either they’ve chosen to be care-free about life or they’ve gotten a good hold on how to do life and its responsibilities so well that it is stress-free. There’s nothing without a sacrifice, and inaction is an action in itself. We were not created to just have weight and occupy space. We have a purpose! We have work! We must be responsible! Our major concern, therefore, is not how to run from our responsibilities but to do them without being overwhelmed but rather effectively. In that way, we don’t just mark years on earth, we actually have life added to our years.


  1. List the things you’re currently doing and do an overhaul.

    What are the things you’re currently responsible for; spiritual, family, positional, financial, social, career, etc.? What should be removed? What shouldn’t? What is most important and necessary? What can be delegated? What is negligible?

  2. Arrange them in order of priority.

    Anytime we start to feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, we’re liable to start putting the first as last and the important as negligible. Why? It’s because the things that are important to our life take more concentration to get done. Unfortunately, we struggle with concentrating when too many things take up space. Out of the things listed, what should you do daily, weekly, or monthly? What should be done early in the morning or before sleep at night? Are there things you need to set a timeline for completion?

  3. Daily ask God for help to recognize the things that matter from those that don’t, and to do what matters at the right time; eating the frog right on time.

  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 as often as possible.

    I need to emphasize the need to rest when due. Refusing to rest continually is like neglecting a small tear in a beautiful gown. Shortly, the tear would enlarge in such a way that will either damage the cloth or require another material with more time to fix (It will never remain the same though).

    You can do life and do it well! Cheers to your stability!

    Please, remember to drop your comments and questions, and freely share with all who need this.

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